In 1985, the State of Tennessee special legislative session created Community Corrections to reduce prison overcrowding.

  • There are 19 programs operating in Tennessee: 6 non-profit, 6 human resource, and 6 county programs.
  • Within these programs, there are 3 residential programs and 3 day reporting centers.
  • Since 1998, DCCCP has been administered by the State Trial Courts and Metropolitan Government of Nashville Davidson County.
  • The program has averaged approximately 400 diversions per year over the last three years.

The Trial Courts is the department of Metro Government that is comprised of all trial level courts. There are six criminal courts, eight circuit courts, four chancery courts, and a Trial Court Administrator’s officer.

  • Community Corrections has grown since 1991, beginning with only 115 intakes and growing to 495 intakes in 2004.
  • The staff currently consists of a Program Manager, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the program, a Supervision Coordinator, who reviews all case files and assists with the supervision of staff, a Tomis specialist, surveillance officer, office support staff, and case officers.