Frequently Asked Questions


How do the levels of supervision work?
Your ability to move from level or supervision to the next will be determined by your compliance with the Court Order your signed.

Why do I pay Court Costs?
As mandated by State and Federal law, each offender is responsible for costs assessed against him/her and is used to help pay the costs of operating the Courts.

Why do I have to pay supervision fees?
As mandated by the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole, each required by law to pay supervision fees and the funds are used to help pay for your treatment, supervision, etc.

Why do I have to do community service work?
Community service work is required as part of your supervision in lieu of incarceration as is a means of paying something back to the county.

Can I do my community service work at a place of my choosing?
No – there are restrictions on who can go where, etc.

Why do I have to provide copies of my pay check stub?
To prove that you have a legitimate job and number of work hours worked per pay period.

Why do I have to get permission to travel out-of-county and out-of-state?
Because we need to know your whereabouts at all times. The Judges’ jurisdiction ONLY covers Davidson County.

Is a drug test necessary, even if I don’t have a drug problem?
Yes, it is part of your accountability in lieu of incarceration, to monitor drug addiction treatment effectiveness, to monitor public safety issues.


What is the Court Services Center?
The Court Services Center, called CSC for short, is the assessment and counseling component of Community Corrections.

Why do I have to take an assessment?
The CSC is required by the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole to assess each person who is placed on Community Corrections.

What services does the CSC provide besides assessment?
Education is available in Responsible Living, Addiction Recovery, Family Enrichment/Relationship Skills, Life Skills, Relapse Prevention, and Aggression Replacement classes. Group and individual counseling services are also provided. The CSC assesses reading level to offer suggestions for GED placement. Job skill training in the home building industry is a service available to participants who meet the criteria.

Who decides if I have to attend CSC?
Item #14 on the Court Order requires that the offender follow all recommendations. Decisions are made by CSC staff, which are intended to support the directions of the Court and also address the individual needs of the participant. Also, the special conditions of the Court may require CSC intervention.

Does everyone have to participate in CSC services?
Criminal thinking will be required for all new participants of the Community Corrections Program. Involvement in other CSC services depends on the needs of the individual.

I hear the program is hard. Does anyone ever complete it?
Many individuals have successfully completed and are leading a more productive and fulfilling life than when they were sentenced. Graduates often tell us that ATTITUDE and WILLINGNESS TO CHANGES are the keys to completion.

How long will I be required to attend?
The time varies with each individual order of the Court. Generally the length of involvement will depend upon active participation and effort or lack thereof. So, whether you complete the program is up to you.

Can I pay my supervision fees and/or Court Costs by cash and/or personal check?
NO, all payments must be made by money order. This is to provide a record that you have paid and no one can “keep” the money. Always fill out the money order yourself.

Will I be allowed to transfer to another Case Officer if I do not like the one I have?
NO – you can file a grievance.

Why do I have a curfew?
Curfew requirements are a part of your supervision and part of the reason the Court agreed not to incarcerate you.

Why do I have to have a telephone?
In order for the Case Officer to conduct curfew calls and to contact you in case of appointment changes, etc.

If I get a traffic ticket or new charge, am I in trouble?
That would depend on the circumstances. Will explain in orientation. Best policy is to report ANY encounter with the law.

Why do I have to get a GED?
Because you are not a high school graduate and it will assist you in obtaining employment, self-esteem.

Do I have to tell the Case Officer when I change addresses or job?
Yes, for curfew checks, home visits, for Case Officer to contact you.

Am I allowed to secure a job working second or third shift?
Yes – ONLY if approved by SENTENCING JUDGE and Case Officer.