Mental Health Program

Dual Disorders Services

Dual Disorders Services, hereinafter referred to as DDS, is a Division of Davidson County Community Corrections Program.

Services Rendered: DDS abides by the same rules and regulations of Community Corrections with special conditions on “Mental Health Treatment and Therapy”. As a special condition all offenders are required to attend and complete any treatment deemed necessary, take all medications as prescribed, report on a weekly basis with medications on hand, and reside at approved housing or residence by DDS Staff only, not through their attorney. If an offender is not currently receiving benefits through TN Care or any private agency, we will provide Bridges to Care applications to assist with all medication needs. Prior to release, the offender will be provided with two (2) – four (4) weeks of medications that are currently prescribed by the jail / facility doctor. DDS maintain contact with both a primary and secondary family member for the purpose of housing placement, transportation needs, and for financial reasons.

Referral Process: All referrals must be directed to the Assessor. There is a three (3) week time period for the offender to be assessed. Following the assessment, there will be a staff meeting held every Tuesday to determine whether or not the offender is suitable (i.e. safety concerns, the staff’s ability to address the needs of the offender, etc.). If the offender is accepted the next court date will be four (4) weeks following the acceptance date (each case may be different). During those four (4) weeks, the staff develops an individual treatment plan which includes housing arrangements, transportation from jail to approved housing, arrangement for 2 – 4 weeks of medications, reviewing of prior assessments, schedule doctor’s appointment, and investigate any job prospects the offender may have that must be approved.
On the next court date, either the Assessor, Case Officer, or both will appear in court to complete the intake.

DDS uses the same Court Order as Community Corrections with an attachment of Special Conditions that are signed by Attorney, Defendant, and Case Manager.