Our Staff

Roger Carrier, Program Manager
Larissa Burdette, Supervision Coordinator

Chris Young, Program Supervisor

Michelle Baker, Program Supervisor

Macy Hill, Administrative Services

Melody Clinard, TOMIS Specialist

Court Services Center

  • John Hoffs, CSC Coordinator
  • Emily Blevins, Case Officer I

Dual Disorders Service Division

  • Brandi Jimerson, DDS/Senior Case Officer
  • Mary McGhee, Dual Disorders Service Assessor
  • Dr. Jan Meyer, Psychiatrist

Criminal Division I

  • Brooke Heflin, Case Officer II
  • Ross Brazil, Case Officer I

Criminal Division II

  • Angel Hunt, Case Officer I
  • Kevin McLean, Case Officer I

Criminal Division III

  • Sasha Leeth, Case Officer I

Criminal Division IV

  • Scott Graham, Case Officer II Drug Court
  • Sturling Steele, Case Officer I
  • Carmelita Burns, Case Officer I

Criminal Division V

  • Katelynn Smith, Case Officer II
  • Ashley Grose, Case Officer I

Criminal Division VI

  • Burton Mixer, Case Officer II
  • Katie Martin, Case Officer I

Community Corrections
Davidson County Community Corrections | A Division of the Trial Courts
408 Second Avenue, North
Suite 2100
Nashville, TN 37201
Phone: 615.862.8370     Fax: 615.862.8618